Holistic Therapy for you will improve your focus and overall health in life



About Me: 

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Hypnotist. 

I am a PLR Regression Therapist.  I am a Life History Facilitator.  I am a Life Coach and Business Coach.  I am a certified NLP Practitioner. I am a certified Law of Atraction (LOA) Practitioner.  I am certified by the American Hypnosis Association (AHA).  I studied at Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).  I am a member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists www.americanallianceofhypnotists.org

I am a member of the American University of NLP www.aunlp.org

I am a member of Global Sciences Foundation www.myglobalsciencesfoundation.org


 I am certified in Transpersonal Energy Healing which is approved by the California Nursing Association (CNA).  I studied at Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing.

I have studied Fitness and Nutrition Natural Health and Relaxation Therapy. 

Taking care of one's health is key to becoming more focused and successful in life.

I specialize in Regression therapy and Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy.  This involves a process in balancing positive chi energy flow and chakra balancing.  Reduction of stress and relieving problems with muscle and joint pain.

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